Thursday, March 31, 2011

Flatbread Tacos

Anyone out there like to hunt? This weekend is opening weekend for the youth turkey hunt in Kansas. My husband and 11 year old son are going and my husband is so excited to be taking our son on his first turkey hunt! He got all of his hunting clothes out and the fake turkey decoy and I have had a fake turkey looking at me in my living room for a week now! Every time I enter the room that darn thing scares the poo out of me!  The last couple of days my 5yr old daughter has been playing and talking with it and I'm pretty sure today she is going to dress it up!  The last turkey hunt my son went on he was only 5 and he went with me and my husband and we got up at 4a.m. and walked over a mile to get out in the pasture where we needed to be before the turkeys came down out of the trees to have their coffee.  My son was SO excited and didn't complain a bit waking that early or walking that far. We got to our site and sat down very still and waited and watched the turkeys come down out of the trees and called them in. The entire time you have to be very still or you will spook the turkeys, during this time I was holding our son on my lap and he suddenly started getting very heavy, sure enough, I look down and he was sound asleep! But, poor mom, I had to continue to be very still as my arm was dead asleep with him on it and it hurt SO bad, but I knew if I moved while the turkeys were coming in toward us that my husband would be SO mad at I continued to be very still because I could see the turkeys strutting toward us, and I was pretty proud of myself for being so strong and still just so my hunter husband could get his trophy turkey! Until......all of a sudden...yup, my son started SNORING! Right as those darn turkeys came up over the hill and in shot range, my son scared them off with his snoring! UGH! My husband was mad because he almost got his prize turkey and I was mad because I had just endured an hour of traumatic arm pain holding my sleeping son!  Needless to say, my son woke up and wandered why it was taking so long for the turkeys to show up and my husband and I sorta laughed all the way home!  I guess that is why he is now 11 and going again for his first turkey hunt...he shouldn't be snoring this time! Although now he probably will complain about the waking at 4a.m. and walking a mile!!! Remind me later, when my husband goes coyote hunting to tell you a funny story about that! Of course he would like to tell that story because it pertains to me and him laughing his butt off at me! He loves to tell everyone that story!
On to the recipe! This is a recipe that I found at the blog An A for Effort and thought it was an awesome idea! I never thought to use premade biscuit dough for a flatbread.  I think she got the recipe from the blog Your Home Based Mom. Go check out both of these blogs, they are each awesome and full of wonderful recipes! I wish Pillsbury was compensating me for advertising for them, but they aren't! (maybe one day!)But, I have found that Pillsbury has a new line called Simple with their biscuit dough, crescents,etc. That means that they have cut most of the "bad" stuff out of the dough, so it's healthier. In our small town, it isn't always in stock and they don't carry the whole line of Simple products, but we usually have the biscuits.  I usually make my own biscuits,etc...but, when I need dinner quick, I am happy that I have the option to choose the Simple Pillsbury brand.  I wish more major brands would realize all the "crud" they put in our foods(which I'm sure they know this) and realize people would much rather buy their products "free" of these ingredients.  I was surprised that the Simple biscuits tasted so great....usually you take the "crud" out and you wander if it still tastes any good, but these are great! As consumers, we need to take a few extra minutes and really look at our options at the store.  Companies are slowly realizing that consumers want the option to choose healthier products, those products with less "crud" in them. Not necessarily organic, but just free of all the chemicals, preservatives, dyes, etc. None of that stuff needs to be in our foods and I really believe it plays a BIG role in our health problems. As a consumer, take that extra time to look for those companies that are trying to help us and supply healthier products for us...those smaller companies can not make it without the consumer buying their stuff. It is hard in smaller towns because we don't have the supply/demand and don't always get those options, but in the bigger cities you people have those choices to help the smaller companies to supply healthier options. You will be surprised if you take a few extra minutes and view your selections that there are many small companies trying to provide healthier choices.       This recipe uses canned biscuits to make a quick tortilla, or flat bread, for tacos. But, after eating them last night, you could even use them to put butter and jam on them, or honey, or powdered sugar, or cinnamon sugar. All sorts of ideas! Make sure you don't put any oil in the pan, it is a "dry" fry.
Flatbread Tacos
1pkg Pillsbury Grand (I use the Simple)biscuits
Your favorite taco toppings...ground beef, beans, shredded cheese, tomato, lettuce, etc.
I used my leftover Crockpot Salsa Chicken and topped the flatbread with this and it worked great!
With your hand or rolling pin, press out each biscuit into a flat even circle, around 6inches
Put in "dry" skillet and cook until lightly browned on each side, it won't take long. They do puff up a bit while cooking. Top with your favorite taco toppings!
This is the flatbread topped with my Crockpot Chicken Salsa


Legh Anne @Yourhomebasedmom said...

So glad you liked the recipe. This is definitely one of our go to recipes at our house.

Abby said...

I am glad that you liked these!! Funny how we both started out so simply with our dinners. I guess you have to start somewhere right? I will check out that Amish dish! Thanks for suggesting it!

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