Thursday, March 24, 2011

Paula Deen House Seasoning

I saw this seasoning a couple years ago on the food network channel when Paula was cooking....I have been making it ever since. The combo is perfect to mix up in an empty container(I use empty spice containers) and have handy to season anything from steak to chicken to fish and I even season my ground beef with it when I am cooking several pounds of beef at once.  Anything you want to season, this is the perfect blend.  So many times people only season with salt and pepper, but by adding garlic powder too, it takes the taste to another level.  Even if you don't care for garlic, this blend is settle enough that you won't taste it so much as just know your food has a good flavor....if you do like garlic, then just add more garlic to the mixture.  And yes, this WILL make you sneeze when you mix it up!!
Paula Deen's House Seasoning
1C salt
1/4C black pepper
1/4C garlic powder
Mix together and store up to six months.

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