Thursday, March 17, 2011

Ranch Salmon Packets

This is a fun recipe for grilling season, although you can also do the same thing and put it in the oven.  It is also healthy, if you use Light Ranch! I don't like the fat-free ranch, but I really can't tell much difference in taste with the regular vs. light ranch.  The cooking time will vary for this depending upon the size of your salmon and how hot your grill is, but you just want to make sure you check the salmon before getting it off of the grill and make sure it flakes with a fork in the middle. Be very careful when opening the foil packet, the steam will bite you! My kids really enjoy this and eat the veggies with no problem since they have ranch on them! If the salmon does happen to have a slight fishy taste, the ranch helps to cover it up...but, if it is fresh salmon, just don't buy it if it smells fishy. Here in Kansas, it is not real possible to get fresh fish! But, I have found a brand at Sam's that is frozen and is really good. These foil packets are fun because each person gets their own and you can custom make their packet depending on what seasonings and veggies they like.  It is great for camping too!
Ranch Salmon Packets
Salmon fillets
Ranch dressing
fresh, or frozen veggies(I usually use frozen california blend)
Take a square piece of foil, per salmon, and spray well with pam. Place the salmon on the greased foil and sprinkle with seasoning, I use salt and pepper.  Place a handfull of veggies on top of the salmon and squirt ranch dressing on top of the veggies and then sprinkle with seasoning again.  You could even place cheese on top of this. Then wrap up the foil and leave room at the top, like a dome, so it can steam.  Grill on med-high for 11-13minutes, depending on size of salmon. I always carefully open the packet and see if the salmon flakes in the middle before I bring it inside. If it isn't done yet, then close the foil up again and grill longer. 

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