Friday, March 4, 2011

Apple Crumb Pie

So, yesterday was sunny and short sleeve weather, overnight we had small hail and a thunderstorm and this morning it is snowing.....crazy Kansas weather! No worries though because it is FRIDAY!!!  I've been wanting to make this yummy apple crumb pie recipe ever since I spotted it over on the food blog Good Eats'n Sweet looked so simple, with very few ingredients.  I am use to apple pie with two crusts, which there is nothing wrong with that, but I thought the crumb topping sounded fun to try.  Let me tell you.....this was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!! Very delicate, with the perfect amount of sugar and cinnamon and butter and the crust combined with the crumb topping was a perfect combination! The only thing I would do different is add toasted walnuts or pecans to the crumb topping, of course then no one else in my family would eat it if I added nuts to it....which of course may just be a pretty darn good plan!
Apple Crumb Pie
1 pie crust(I used Pillsbury!)
6C. or 5-7 tart apples, peeled and sliced
1C sugar, divided
1tsp cinnamon
3/4C flour
1/3C butter
Thaw pie crust and place in pie pan. Add sliced apples to the pie crust and combine 1/2C sugar and 1t cinnamon and sprinkle this over the apples.  Combine the remaining 1/2C sugar, the flour and the butter in a bowl and use a pastry blender(I just use my fingers) to incorporate the butter, until it resembles crumbs. 
Pour this over the top of the pie. Bake at 400 for around 40minutes or until apples are tender and the crumb topping is slightly browned. Cool completely before serving.


book blogger said...

Cool blog! I have a food blog too!

Jaime said...

Hi Tammy, I'm so glad you enjoyed this! It is my FAVORITE apple pie recipe :) I can eat a whole pie by myself in just 2 days, no joke! Thanks for linking back to the recipe in your post; would you mind also linking back to my blog when you mention it as well? Thanks! Hope you try some other recipes from my blog too....

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