Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Cranberry Jello Dish

The Sunday school teacher asked my 5yr old daughter a couple weeks ago, who St. Patrick was and she told the teacher, "that is Spongebob's friend!" How cute! I'm so glad the teacher came over to tell me that story after church, I think I will write that one down in her baby book! Yesterday she told me that she was learning about dinosaurs in preschool and that there are tons of bones in the dirt from them and she told me that there aren't any around our town anymore, they are totally INSTINCT! She is quite the crack up! She just got done telling me that she was naming her stuffed animals(AGAIN!) and she named one  cat Amber and she said it just didn't go over so well with that cat, so she just HAD to change it for the cat because the cat was throwing a fit, so she named it something different and the cat started licking her and that meant the cat was then happy with its new name! Darn stuffed animals, they sound like a bunch of work to me! What an imagination that daughter of mine has! HMMM....I wonder where she gets it? If I wasn't crazy before kids, I am now! I have always told my husband that I am so glad he has never installed spy cameras around the house, or he'd think his wife has gone crazy! The things he would see me doing during the day to entertain a child! I didn't even know I had that craziness in just kinda comes out when we are using our "imaginations!"  Oh, it has been so fun staying home with our children...the things I would have missed if I wouldn't have been here all day with them! And to think it is coming to an end next fall when my youngest goes to Kindergarten! UGH! Who am I going to play "crazy" with and use my "imagination" with? Then when I do those things during the day, I won't have an excuse that my 5yr old made me do it! Then I will have to go to the funny farm! Oh well, I will probably end up there anyways from heartache after dropping my baby off at kindergarten on her first day!
Anyways, enough on that subject, I'm gonna start getting sad if I keep thinking about that!
This recipe is really light and refreshing and you can use different flavors of jello, like I used cherry today, because I had no other flavors. Cranberries are very good for you too!
Cranberry Jello Dish
1large(6oz)box raspberry jello, or cherry, strawberry,etc
1 small can crushed pineapple,drained ( I used a large can)
1 8oz tub of cool whip
1C chopped walnuts, optional
1large can whole-berry cranberries
Make the jello using 2C boiling water and then add your 2C cold water.  Use pineapple juice that you drained in place of the water if you want.  Let the jello set until slightly set, not solid.  Stir together can of cranberries, cool whip, drained pineapple and nuts in a large bowl and add the jello and mix it all together. Refrigerate atleast a couple hours.

How long does crushed pineapple take to drain? that stuff just keeps draining!

This isn't the prettiest dish to take a picture of, but here it is...with a couple bites missing!

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Deborah said...

Kids sure are funny!! This jello dish sounds delicious!

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