Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Chicken Bake

This is a dish that I have tweeked until I found the right combo for my family. So feel free to use the veggie you like and you could change the cheese for a different taste and it would be great for leftover turkey instead of chicken.  Kids love this casserole and it's easy to sneak in the veggies without them knowing they are hidden within the stuffing!  Stuffing and cheese make anything better! Shoot, if I was a kid again, I'd eat my veggies if they had stuffing and cheese on them, maybe even that darn canned stringy spinach stuff my parents use to make me eat, yuck! That stuff shouldn't even be edible!  That is punishment, making your children eat canned spinach! OK.....I have a confession to make....I use to have to sit at the dinner table until my canned spinach was gone from my plate, which meant that I was still sitting there at bedtime! (my parents were very consistent and meant what they said!and I was very stubborn!)Well, after sitting there for hours each time we had canned spinach, I realized it was cutting into my play time and I did NOT like that! So, the schemer in me thought of an evil plan!(I didn't want to be this way, my parents brought this out in me!) I would only drink half of my milk during supper and then when my family would get up from the table and go into the other room, I would put my untouched spinach into the milk and hope that it stayed hidden! Mom would check my plate and see the spinach gone and I was FREE to go!  I know, terrible right?!  I don't think I ever told my parents about this "scheme" until I had my first child 11 years ago and the tables turned and I thought how my little one may do these terrible things to me! Thank goodness prepackaged fresh spinach came along, that stuff tastes totally different then that canned stuff.....besides, I would never make my children eat canned spinach! Anyways, just a heads up if you are a parent that makes your child sit there until their food is gone....check their milk!  And I forgive you mom and dad for making me eat that stuff!

Chicken(or turkey)Bake
Preheat the oven to 400. Prepare a package of stovetop chicken stuffing according to package directions and set aside.  Mix 2C of cooked and shredded chicken with a bag of frozen broccoli(or your choice of veggie) and place in a greased 13x9 dish. I have also used a 9x9 and it worked great.  Stir together a can of cream of chicken soup with 1/2Cmilk until smooth.  Add a small can of water chestnuts(optional), bag of cooked wild rice(or your choice of flavor) I use the 90second Uncle Bens rice in the microwave. Pour the mixture over the top of the chicken/veggie layer.  Top with a layer of shredded cheddar cheese and then top with the prepared stuffing. Bake for 25-30minutes

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Karen said...

lol I just read your post about your parents making you sit at the table til you ate what was on your plate. I just wanted to say for one: I am a parent and I had never in my parenting life made my kids eat nothing they didn't want.(plus my middle son only ate ice cream for like 3 years of his life all 3 meals) and my kids are happy and healthy! 2: when I was little the only time my daddy would make me sit at the table until I eat all my food was only when I would cry and whine until my grandma fixed me something else besides what she had to eat. Then it seemed like every time she got it fixed I didn't want it anyways long story short. Grandma would always wait til daddy left the room then throw the food away. so it always worked out for my good!! haha just wanted to share.

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