Monday, February 28, 2011

Betty Crocker-Cheeseburger Pie

Is anyone thinking of what they are going to plant in the garden yet? I have been....I know, it's not quite time yet, but I can't help it! I want to get in that dirt! I like to plant atleast one new food each season.  Last year I did sugar snap peas, they were time consuming, but very worth the sweet and tender taste. I'm not sure what the new food will be this year.  We have a garden spot, but I also like to plant in containers.  Containers are perfect for garden beginners, or city folk with not much room, or for people like me, who just want "even more" room!  If you have never tried gardening, or container gardening, you should try it, it so fun to grow your own food and kids love to get involved.  I plant rows of carrots, etc just for my kids to water and pick.  They love seeing the results come up out of the ground!  Containers are really good for kids too.   Today I'm listing a "classic." It is from Betty Crocker and it's seen on many bisquick boxes, but this is for those of you who may have seen it and never tried it.  It is quick and easy and oh so good! Kids love it and it is so simple. I enjoy making this on those really busy nights, or on those days where I have nothing in my fridge to feed my family! It would be easy to make two at the same time if you have a bigger family, or if you want leftovers the next day.  I don't usually care for leftovers, but this reheats great.  You could even add in corn or green beans to give it a veggie.
Impossibly Easy Cheeseburger Pie
1pd ground beef
1 large onion, chopped (optional)
1/2t salt
1C shredded cheddar cheese
1/2C bisquick mix
1C milk
2 eggs
Heat oven to 400. Spray a 9inch glass pie plate with cooking spray.  Cook beef and onion until done;drain. Stir in salt. Spread in pie plate. Sprinkle with cheese.  In a small bowl, stir rest of ingredients with fork until blended. Pour into pie plate.  Bake about 25min or until knife come out clean.  High altitude (3500-6500 Bake 30-35min)

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Cherry Cola Jello Salad

I'm not sure I should have even attempted a picture of this dish! I guess it is red and cheerful, but I just couldn't get a picture of this dish that made it look appealing! But, it is yummy and so easy and kids love it.  This is a version of my MIL's recipe.

Cherry Cola Jello Salad
2small pkgs of cherry jello
1(20oz)can crushed pineapple, drained
1can cherry pie filling
1/2C water
3/4C cola
Drain pineapple very well...that stuff seems like it will drain for days! Place the reserved juice in a saucepan along with the water and bring to a boil. Set the pineapple aside.  Once it boils, add the jello powder and stir until dissolved, like 2minutes. Take off of the heat and stir in the cola and the cherry pie filling until combined.  Place in a serving bowl, or a 13x9 dish and refrigerate until slightly set. Then stir in the pineapple to combine and refrigerate until set.  I had to leave the house and the jello was set before I added in the pineapple, so I just stirred it in, not as pretty, but it still works! This jello can be tart for some people, so you could tone it down by layering it with a tub of cool whip, use light to make it healthier.

Slow Cooker Italian Beef Sandwiches

Sorry about the bad picture...I need a better camera! But, these sandwiches really are awesome, the picture doesn't do them justice.  What is really nice is they cook in the crockpot all day...BONUS!
My kids love these and they like when I reserve the juice and put it in a bowl so they can "dip" the sandwich in, it's kind of like an italian/french dip! The secret to these sandwiches is to use real cheese, not the imitation stuff and to use a good italian bread....I know, I said I don't eat white flour, but this is one exception and I don't use wheat on this.  Very easy meal and it makes a lot of meat! This would work great to put on low before bed on a Saturday night and let it cook during church and when you get home it would be ready to shred and eat for lunch!

Slow Cooker Italian Beef Sandwiches
11/2C beef broth(I boil water and add 2beef bouillon cubes)
1C water
1t salt
1t pepper
1t garlic powder
1(.7)pkg dry italian seasoning mix
1 5pd roast(use lean) I have also used a 2pd with the same amount of seasoning
Combine water and beef broth and seasonings and stir to combine.  Place roast in the crockpot and pour the seasoning over the top.  Cook on low 10-12hours, less if it's a smaller roast. Or cook on high 4-5hours. My crockpot is a beast and I cook it on high and it's done in 3 hours, so just check on it after 4hours on high to see if it shreds easily or not.  When done cooking, take two forks and shred the meat, ridding any fat.  This is why you want to use a lean roast, it makes this part much quicker and easier. Take your hoagie rolls and open them flat on a cookie sheet, butter the top side and place drained meat on the other side. Place swiss cheese on top of the meat and leave laying open and broil for 3-5minutes or until cheese is melted and the buttered side is closely! Those broilers are sneaky things and can burn bread quickly!  I usually have lots of shredded meat left over and I freeze it for another meal. 

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Jello Pies

What is going on? A week ago it was in the 70s and today it is snowing! I guess I should not be surprised, that is just Kansas weather...and I have seen it do this in a day's time!  But, rats!  For some reason(maybe the snow outside) the cleaning bug bit me this morning, which my husband and I have both been wandering when it would bite me again, so thank goodness!  I have been cleaning those places that don't see know, the basement storage room, the cabinets under the sinks, the linen closet! Boy, was that ever needed and I am glad it is done!  How does so much stuff accumulate so quickly? 
Since Spring is in the air(although not today!) I started craving jello salad, pasta salad, all those food items that you eat at picnics and when you are grilling.  Many of you have probably made this before, but it is so simple and so good and low in fat and kids love it and it just helps me feel like warm weather is coming, so I thought I'd spread the sunshine to you too!
Jello Pie
1 graham cracker crust
1C boiling water
1C ice water
1tub cool whip,light
1small pkg strawberry jello(or fav)
1C.fresh sliced strawberries(optional)
Boil 1C water and pour into jello powder and stir until dissolved.  Add 1C cold water and stir until thickened. Add cool whip and stir well.  Refrigerate 15min or until somewhat set up and then spoon into graham cracker crust. Refrigerate for 4 hours or over night.  If adding in fresh strawberries add them in before adding in cool whip. Note: this does make extra, it won't all fit into the crust...bonus!
*Another recipe that is so easy and yummy is pudding pie. Use 1small package of your favorite instant  pudding, we use chocolate, and stir in 1 3/4C milk and pour into chocolate graham cracker crust.  Let set up in refrigerator and before serving spread with a tub of light cool whip.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Olive Garden Fettucini Alfredo

Note to self: next time you are going to make fettucini alfredo, make sure you have the fettucini! Tonight we had penne alfredo! This is a great copycat version of Olive Garden, but I have changed it a bit.  Do you live in a town where they show t.v. commercials from the big city and you have none of those yummy restaurants even close? I do and the closest Olive Garden I know about is almost 5 hours away! It isn't fair to have to watch those delicious commercials, so when I came across this yummy copycate recipe I gave it a try. It is very good!  I add mushrooms and fresh spinach and grilled chicken.  Start by melting one stick of butter. When this is melted add 2T cream cheese and let this soften.  Then add 1pt of heavy cream and simmer for 10-12minutes while stirring so it will thicken.  Add 1tsp of garlic powder and 1/2C parmesan cheese and stir until heated. 
Now, my version is this: After melting the butter add in mushrooms and saute with minced garlic.  Then add fresh spinach and cook down.  Add heavy cream and pepper and 1tsp garlic powder.  Stir and cook on medium heat for 10-12minutes or until thickened. After thickened, add 1/4C parmesan cheese and stir to heat.  Add in fully cooked grilled chicken chunks.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Spinach and Mushroom Chicken

Today is cold again, and it's a Monday, UGH! Oh well, I've got a lot of house cleaning to do, so it's a good day to be inside.  My allergies have already started so I think that may be a good sign that Spring is in the air...I recently found out I am allergic to all weeds and all grasses and sunflowers and a couple trees.  Can you believe it? A Kansas girl, allergic to sunflowers?! I didn't know it was possible! That should be like against the rules or something.  That's almost as bad if I were allergic to wheat...which thankfully I am not.  And go figure, sunflowers and daisies are my absolute favorite flowers!  I guess my hubby won't have to sneak into a farmer's sunflower field anymore to pick me some wild ones!  He does do that with lilacs, he usually asks first though.  I love wildflowers that you see in the ditches and many fields around here and he will often stop while he is out working in the country and pick me some and bring them home and surprise me!  I love fresh flowers inside, it makes me smile.  Growing up every time I went to my grandma's house she would have flowers, or even branches from her forsythia bush and lilac bush and have them in almost every room in her smelled so good and it was so pretty!  She is very artistic and has a great eye for simple beauty and how to turn something boring into something special.      Today I am posting a recipe I have not tried yet, but recently found in a Taste of Home magazine...I love those magazines and cookbooks! So, if you try it let me know what you think of sounds really good...although I'm not sure my kiddos are going to like it.  It says to cook your chicken while making this, but right now I have some fully cooked grilled and season chicken breasts that I am going to use instead.  One step easier for me. Enjoy!
Spinach and Mushroom Chicken
3C fresh spinach
2C sliced fresh mushrooms
3 green onions, sliced
2T chopped pecans
11/2t olive oil
4 boneless,skinless chicken breasts (4oz each)
2 slices provolone cheese, halved
In a large skillet, saute the spinach, mushrooms, onions and pecans in the oil until mushrooms are tender.  Set aside and keep warm.  Sprinkle chicken with seasoning. Spray grill rack if grilling and grill chicken covered over med heat or broil 4in from the heat for 4-5min on each side or until done.  Top with cheese. Cover and grill 2-3min longer. To serve, top each chicken breast with reserved spinach mixture.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Beef and Cheese Stuffed Bread

TGIF!! We have a weekend of 4H bbgun shooting this weekend with my 11yr old son, he is really good at it and we are so proud of him.  He is one of those boys who is naturally good at stuff, but some days he could care less and some days he cares...and on those days that he cares, watch out! I wish he knew that if he tried his hardest each time that he would only get better and better, especially since the natural talent is already there. We are teaching him how important attitude is in life and how far the right attitude can take a person in life. I guess it all comes in time and with maturing and teaching......and lots of praying!  It's funny as a parent, how often you look at your children and see yourself in them and you want them to avoid your mistakes, but you want them to do it right now, not realizing and remembering that we too had to learn and that they are still only children and they will learn too.... hopefully only sooner than what we did!!             Today I'm posting a really easy and yummy recipe that is nice for busy nights or a weekend meal.  I've been making it for 12 years now and it never gets old.  Enjoy!
Beef and Cheese Stuffed Bread
1pd ground beef, cook and drain
1pkg taco seasoning
1 can nacho cheese soup
2C shredded cheese
1 loaf french bread
Brown beef. Cut off top of the bread and pull out inside of the loaf, leaving the bottom in place(to make a shell). While beef is warm, stir in taco seasoning, soup, and bread crumbs(from inside the loaf).  This will be thick. Pour this back into the shell of the bread and spread it evenly.  Top with shredded cheese and put the top of the bread back on. Wrap the entire loaf in foil and bake at 350 for 20min.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Bacon-Wrapped Green Beans

Ahhhhh!!! Spring is in the air! Yesterday and today I got to open my windows and let fresh air in the house, I'm SO excited! I don't think my family quite grasps how happy it makes me after spending a winter inside, all day long, to have a Spring like day come along! It makes my soul sing!  I told my hubby last night, see how happy it makes me when it is pretty outside and I get to spend most of the day outside?!! I'm a whole new person....I figured he'd say, pack our bags we are moving ASAP to a warmer place!....but, he didn't!  He would also like to have warm weather year around (and a happy all the time wife), but he is too keen on "no people" and so he is content here, where there are not many people.  I think we should meet in the middle and move somewhere warm year around, but out in the country! Perfect solution....except that costs a lot of money!       Today I am posting an awesome recipe! One of my favorite recipes that I have EVER made....that says a lot!!  It may come across as strange or a gross combination, but trust me, it is wonderful! One of those times that your eyes roll back and you visit a happy place.....until one of your kids says MOM, I need more milk! and then you come back to reality! The combination is perfect and is a great side dish to steaks or chicken. I got this from, but I have changed it to fit our portion size.  This is one of those dishes that I get embaressed over, because by about my third helping my husband starts giving me that eye, you know, the one that says, how the heck is she eating all that! It's green's worries! Try it and let me know if you agree!! This recipe does require you to marinate the green beans, so plan ahead.
This is a picture before the sauce was added.  If you have a bigger family, just make more bundles and use a 13x9 and double the sauce.
Bacon-wrapped Green Beans
1 bag, or bunch, of whole fresh green beans
Raw bacon strips, I made 5 bundles and used about 4 bacon strips
With 5 bundles, of around 10 green beans each, I use 1/4C melted butter, 1/4C brown sugar, 1/2t garlic salt, 1t soy sauce. Melt the butter first and then add the rest and stir well. Place around 10 green beans in a bundle and wrap a half slice to one slice of bacon around each bundle, you can secure with a toothpick if needed.  Put in a greased 8x8 dish(unless making more) and pour sauce over each bundle. NOTE: after pouring sauce over the top, marinate in the fridge overnight, or for a few hours. I cook covered with foil at 375 for about 30 minutes and then uncover and turn each bundle over and cook 15min more. Cook longer if you want the bacon crispier.

Here I wrapped the green beans/bacon around chicken tenderloins with the sauce, OH MY!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Zucchini Patties

Yes, if I'm posting about zucchini I must be daydreaming about warm weather again and my garden! My hubby keeps requesting these yummy patties and lucky for him I have tons of zucchini frozen from my garden.  Guess what? I found my grill! The snow melted and voila...there it was! So I layed out steaks and we will also have these yummy zucchini patties.  They are awesome! Make sure you use freshly grated mozzarella, it makes a huge difference with these.  Even my kids who don't like zucchini, unless it is in bread or muffins, love these patties.  The kids dip them in ranch and I just eat them with salt on them.       My daughter must be getting cabin fever also, all she wants to do lately is "pretend" camp. She packs her backpack full of camping stuff and we have a pretend campfire and pretend stars and crickets and we go pretend fishing and eat pretend smores! What an imagination she has! And it's fun...until about the 15th day of it...and then I get tired of "pretend camping" and then I want to REAL camp!!  Oh, how I wish my mind could be so content as a child's, no worries, just go along with the flow of life and constantly be amazed at everything during the day.  Children are such a blessing....they keep us adults reminded of what is important and help us to remember to slow down and enjoy our day...enjoy the simple things. Being a mommy is hard work...nothing easy about it.  There is constant worry and planning and juggling.  The hard part as a busy mom is taking the time to slow down and focus on what really matters.  If I can realize this now, while I'm young,  then I won't get older after my kids are grown and gone and only wish I spent more "time" with them.  Even as a stay at home mom, I catch myself being "busy" with stuff that needs to be done and not always taking that intentional time to just play with my right now! I'm doing my blog and she wants me to go open "pretend" birthday presents with all of her friends(stuffed animals) because they are waiting on me and are so excited for me to join the party! How sweet and special is that! So, I better get to "my" party!!
Zucchini Patties
2C shredded zucchini(if frozen, drain well)
1/4C diced onion,optional
1/2C flour
1/2C parmesan cheese
1/2C mozzarella cheese
vegetable oil
In bowl, combine zucchini,eggs,onion,flour, and cheeses and stir. Heat oil in pan and drop patties in hot oil and cook patties on each side for a few minutes or until browned. Sprinkle with salt.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Peanut Butter Pie

Love is in the air! How wonderful it is to have love in your life! Whether that is your spouse, your kids, your family, your's a blessing from above.  Sometimes life is so daily and special days like today, Valentine's Day, helps us to reflect on all those special people in our lives.  I have a wonderful family. A husband who adores me(yea for me!!), children who are beautiful and happy and healthy and a mom and dad and grandparents and numerous other family members who are all terrific people...and I am blessed to have them in my life.  Today I think about and extend my love to my sister-n-law and three beautiful nieces, who are spending their first Valentine's day without her spouse(my brother) and their daddy.  He may not be here with us on earth anymore, but he is in heaven and our angel, and he is giving us extra love today...I can feel it.  A man like my brother no doubt has filled our hearts with love and now with wonderful, blessed memories.  Hug and love, every single day those that you cherish.  Tell them you love them, more importantly, show them you love them...they can be taken from you in an instant. Most of all, know God and know where you would go if you were taken.  It is such a comfort to know one day when I pass, my brother will be there waiting for me in Heaven!!!!
 I made my kiddos and hubby a special treat for dessert tonight.  You can cut down calories by making it with light cream cheese and light cool whip. Oh, and I am so proud of myself.....I did wake up early today(coffee in hand!)and made a special Valentine's breakfast!  It was so fun to see the kids' faces when they ate my heart shaped cherry turnovers! How's that song go? "love the one's your with" Amen.
Peanut Butter Pie-from a great blog, Let's Dish
1 chocolate graham cracker crust
1(8oz)pkg cream cheese, I used light
1tub cool whip, I used light
1/2C sugar
1tsp vanilla
1C peanut butter
Soften the cream cheese and add sugar. Beat together until smooth and then add vanilla and peanut butter and mix well.  Fold in cool whip and place in graham cracker crust. Refrigerate 4 hours. I think I will drizzle the top with Hershey's syrup before know, to make it even sweeter! Maybe draw a heart on top of it with the cute!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Nutella Crescent

The BIG love day is tomorrow! Do all of you moms have all the school Valentine's cards filled out?!! That is what my kids did on our snow day off from school. It is so nice that they both are old enough now to write them out and do them on their own. And they love doing it, well, until about the 15th one and then they get tired of writing their name. Do you have big plans with your love? It is hard to have a date with your love when you also have kids, but I usually embrace the whole idea and involve the kids. I usually make a special supper of spaghetti and salad and garlic bread(which is super simple, but everyone wants it)and a special chocolate dessert. I am the worse morning person I know of, I'm not always cranky, I'm just out of it and can't "think" until atleast one cup of, this means a special Valentine breakfast is always a BIG maybe. That is why I for sure make the supper extra special..(I'm awake by then!). I have bunco this week with the girls and the host is doing a dessert bar, YUMMY! I plan on making these cute little jewels. Is it croissants, or crescents?
Nutella Crescents
1pkg pillsbury crescents
nutella chocolate spread
powdered sugar
Unroll the crescents into 8 triangles and place 1T nutella mixture in the middle and roll up. Bake at 375 for 11-13minutes on a greased baking sheet. Let cool and sprinkle well with powdered sugar.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Hello Dollies

Here is a quick and easy dessert. It has coconut and nuts in it and I don't like coconut and I can't taste either. It just all blends together to gooey goodness!
Hello Dollies
melt one stick of butter in a 13x9, crush up 10 graham crackers very fine and sprinkle over the melted butter. Layer 1C coconut on top, then 1C chocolate chips, then 1C finely crushed pecans or walnuts. Over the top drizzle one regular size can of sweetened condensed milk. Do NOT stir. Bake at 350 for 25min or until browned on bottom.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Cheerio Treats

Sorry I have not posted in a few days...the stomach bug seems to be filtering through our house, UGH! Today was another snow day and school was out, but my son didn't have a fun snow day with the stomach bug, poor thing. It only seemed to last about 5 hours though, so that is the good part. I usually cook on cold, snowy days, but I too, am recovering from the "bug" and so I haven't been cooking much. I do have a fun recipe that would be great to make for Valentines snacks at school for the kiddos. Whatever holiday/season it is you can adjust the color of the m&m's. Valentine's is such a fun day to show those you love how important they are. I love to find unique ways, I'm not the kind of red roses and candy kinda gal. I'm more the in-laws watch the kiddos and we have a picnic inside on a blanket in front of the fire(or candle)and have a spaghetti dinner with a salad and wine and cuddle up and watch a movie kinda gal! I love to be romanced...I guess it shows me that I am worthy enough to have "thought" put into, not just the typical roses and chocolate...I know, I should just appreciate the roses and chocolate...and I do, but wild flowers and chocolate dipped strawberries just "tell" me more. There is more thought behind stop and pick the wild flowers(during the winter!) and take the time to dip strawberries in chocolate. Valentine's should never be out of ritual or habit or "have to" it should be all out of what your heart says about this wonderful person in your life that makes you twitterpated and if you follow that then it should be anything but ordinary. I do believe women are naturally better at this, this thinking of different ways of being romantic...but, if we show him enough then maybe, just maybe, he will catch on!! Being in love is about the other person and what they like and want and desire, love is a gift from our God and it is to be treasured and nurtured. Give your man compliments and encourage him and don't be negative to him and just see what happens...he will thrive and come alive! On that note, here is a yummy recipe to make for your Valentine's!
Cheerio Treats
1C sugar
1C corn syrup
1C creamy peanut butter
1tsp vanilla
5C cheerios
seasonal m&m's 1-2C
In large pan combine corn syrup and sugar and bring to a boil over medium heat. Allow mixture to boil one minute and remove from heat. Add peanut butter and vanilla and mix until smooth. Add cheerios and m&m's and mix until coated. Drop onto waxed paper and allow to cool.

Friday, February 4, 2011


Instead of a recipe today I'm going to write directions to make Slime. My kids love this stuff and it is so fun to make with them. I recently gave this recipe to my three nieces and I guess they played with it the whole night and then got up an hour early before school, just so they could play with it before they left!! Now my kids would have never got up an hour before school to play with it, but they do love it and it does keep them busy on a cold winter day. It is so fun to watch a child's face as they discover something new and especially when they get to make this slime and it starts to harden, they just get so excited! We take cookie cutters and make fun shapes with it, we use a straw and wrap it around the bottom and blow bubbles with it, we put a coin in it and watch is slowly disappear, it can do lots of fun things! Have fun!
1(4oz) bottle of Elmer's glue
1/2C water
1/4C water and 1tsp borax
food coloring,optional
Stir 1/2C water, glue and food coloring in pan on stove(or you could use the microwave). In another small bowl, mix borax and 1/4C water together. Add the borax solution 1T at a time into the glue mixture, while stirring, until it forms a ball. Store in a ziploc bag.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Hamburger Casserole

I don't know what else this casserole is called, except EXTREME comfort food! This is one of the first recipes I got from my mother-n-law when I got married almost 12 years ago and it is my favorite go to recipe. My MIL has the best collection of recipes and is a wonderful cook. I want this casserole whenever I had a baby, or a surgery, or just didn't feel is bland, but flavorful and very good for you. Kids love it and can't get enough of that makes this a real winner! I have changed it just a bit, but only to make it healthier. This recipe is one that we have to have cottage cheese with and mix it in before eating, makes it so much better...for some reason. I hope your family enjoys this for years to come like mine has....and it makes a ton too! I could see putting this is in the crockpot before church and coming home to it being done, I haven't tried that, but if you put it on high it should work(atleast with my beast of a crockpot!).

Hamburger Casserole

1-2pds cooked ground beef

3 potatoes, peeled and sliced thin

4-5large carrots, sliced

1C brown rice, uncooked

1can diced tomatoes, don't drain

1/2can hot water

Cook beef and drain and place in a 2qt dish. Layer sliced potatoes on top of beef. Layer carrots on top of this and then layer the uncooked rice. Dump the can of diced tomatoes on top and carefully spread around to cover the rice. Take the 1/2can hot water and pour over any rice that didn't get wet and take a knife and run around the pan, letting the water run down into the food. This will also help to steam, or cook, the food. Place foil on top and bake at 325 for two hours. Sometimes liquid will remain at the bottom, just use a slotted spoon. The original recipe calls for white rice and also to add chopped raw onion on top of the beef. YUMMY!

SuperBowl Smokies

A lot of you probably have had this before, but I thought it was a good time for a reminder on these yummy goodies for SuperBowl parties. This is one of those "all in moderation" foods!! Or maybe, "only once a year foods!" After baking them, keep them warm in a crockpot set on "warm" not on low.
bacon/brown sugar/smokies...oh my!
1 (16oz)pkg bacon
1(14oz)pkg little beef smokies
1C brown sugar
Preheat oven to 350 and line a 10x15 pan with foil and spray with pam. Cut the whole slab of bacon at once into three sections. Wrap 1/3 of each piece of bacon around a smokie and secure with a toothpick, repeat until finished and place on the pan and sprinkle a little brown sugar on top of each smokie. Bake 40-45min or until bacon is crisp and brown sugar is melted. Serve quickly or keep in crockpot on "warm" serves around 48 smokies

Kielbasa Casserole

This is a dish that I got from a Taste of Home cookbook years ago that my hubby has to have atleast once a month. I have altered the recipe to our family's likings. The kids mostly just pick out the sausage and eat it, but I have found that adding cottage cheese to their plates(I know this is extremely strange!) they mix it in with the casserole and it helps them to eat this better. I think it tones down the distinct sauerkraut taste. At our house we add cottage cheese to most casseroles and soups....this all started from my husband and his family. I thought that was so strange when we first married, but then I tried it with several meals and it actually made it better! Now, my son won't eat anything without it. I guess it's a good way to get your calcium!

Kielbasa Casserole

2C elbow macaroni, cook and drain

1 can diced tomatoes, don't drain

1 can sauerkraut, drain

1pd kielbasa, I use turkey sausage

2C cheese

*Cook and drain the pasta. Cut up sausage into bite size pieces. Spray a 2qt dish with Pam and heat oven to 350. After draining the pasta, add the sausage, sauerkraut, and diced tomatoes to the pan and stir well. Put in a 2qt dish and add cheese to the top. Bake for 30-35min or until bubbly.
Before adding the cheese

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