Friday, February 4, 2011


Instead of a recipe today I'm going to write directions to make Slime. My kids love this stuff and it is so fun to make with them. I recently gave this recipe to my three nieces and I guess they played with it the whole night and then got up an hour early before school, just so they could play with it before they left!! Now my kids would have never got up an hour before school to play with it, but they do love it and it does keep them busy on a cold winter day. It is so fun to watch a child's face as they discover something new and especially when they get to make this slime and it starts to harden, they just get so excited! We take cookie cutters and make fun shapes with it, we use a straw and wrap it around the bottom and blow bubbles with it, we put a coin in it and watch is slowly disappear, it can do lots of fun things! Have fun!
1(4oz) bottle of Elmer's glue
1/2C water
1/4C water and 1tsp borax
food coloring,optional
Stir 1/2C water, glue and food coloring in pan on stove(or you could use the microwave). In another small bowl, mix borax and 1/4C water together. Add the borax solution 1T at a time into the glue mixture, while stirring, until it forms a ball. Store in a ziploc bag.

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