Thursday, January 20, 2011

long time coming

I'm so excited to finally start blogging! I've been reading recipe blogs for a few years now and figured it was time to join in on all of the fun! Like all moms, I often have the question, "what's for supper?" I've learned without some prior planning that frozen pizza or cereal is the answer! Not really...but sometimes! I hope to list fast and easy recipes that are healthy and kid friendly. I love to learn new ideas in the kitchen, so I welcome comments! Growing up I only cooked when I "had" to help my mom cut onions, lettuce, shred cheese, brown know, all the stuff she didn't want to do because now her daughter was old enough to do! (thanks mom) I did learn from my mom and dad the joy of gardening and growing your own food and then mom and grandma taught me how to preserve that food by canning or freezing. I was perfectly content with mom's cooking and then I got married....and mom lived too far away to come over and cook every day for me! So, I took the little I chose to learn growing up and started my journey of married life scared that my new husband and I were going to starve to death, unless I learned real quick to dive into cooking. What did I do? I called mom of course! and wrote down every recipe she ever made for me growing up! and grandma too! After a couple years of the same recipes(that never did taste like moms or grandmas) I decided this cooking thing was kinda fun, especially when I didn't screw it up and got a good response from the hubby(which by the way was such a trooper and just knew to always smile and say thank you!) We soon had a son after we married and then I was responsible for making two people like my cooking...and keep them healthy doing so! That is when the obsession started for finding recipes....and 12 years later my hubby is still smiling and saying thank you...but, this time I think it is because he really means it! I hope you enjoy following me in my day to day journey of recipes and cooking and keeping those smiles on the faces of our loved ones!
Recipe #1 (so cool!)
Easy Noddle Dish (don't know where I got the recipe?)
1pd cooked ground beef
1 can corn, undrained
1 can diced tomatoes,undrained
1pkg ramen noodles
Take cooked beef and stir in flavoring packet from ramen and stir. Add in undrained corn and tomatoes and break up ramen noodles and add and stir. Bring to boil, reduce heat and cover and simmer for 10min. stirring every so often to break up clumps.

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