Friday, July 1, 2011

The BEST Popsicles

These are BY FAR, the BEST popsicles you will EVER taste! It makes store bought popsicles taste like water!  My husband shared this recipe with me when we first got married.  He said his mom made these all the time while he was growing up and he will not eat a popsicle unless it is this other words, he was telling me that I WILL make these for him!  I wanted to know what all of the fuss was about so I made them and sure enough....they are wonderful! It is fun because you can use any flavor of kool aid and you can even use the sugar free. Our favorites are grape and cherry.  You have to have popsicle molds for them and I have found that the old tupperware ones are by far the best and easiest. 
The Best Popsicles
1 (3oz) pkg grape jello
1 pkg grape kool aid
1C sugar
2C hot water
Mix the above ingredients together and add 2C cold water and mix well.  Pour into molds and freeze.  Use any flavor of jello and kool aid!


Megan said...

Nice and easy! Might have to give these a try!

Abby said...

Sounds good!

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