Wednesday, May 9, 2012

In our house we LOVE smoothies...all kinds! The Spring weather and longer days of sunshine give me so much more energy! My garden is all planted and my spinach has been growing beautifully. I have  made sandwiches with it and now today a smoothie.  This is one secret that is ok to keep from your kids...don't tell them it is in there and they will love it.  My kids went with it's green food coloring, or mom put a lime in it!!LOL  I did try to tell them the truth, but they just laughed and said why would anyone put veggies in a smoothie, so I just smiled and went along with what they wanted to think.  A smoothie can be so good for you(if you leave the ice cream out!) and they are so refreshing and there is something about drinking your fruits and veggies that just give a person extra energy.  This smoothie may sound gross or strange, but it is awesome and packed full of health.
Green Monster Smoothie
1C grapes, make sure you throw out the stems
1C orange juice
1carton vanilla yogurt
1-2C ice
1-2C baby spinach, stems removed
1 banana
1-2 apples, cored and cut up
Pour oj, yogurt and ice into blender. Then add the grapes whole, spinach whole, and apple and banana cut up into chunks. Blend until smooth.  Since the apples do have the skins still on, which is where the fiber and lots of other nutrition is, then the smoothie does have tiny peels, but it didn't bother my tastebuds a bit.  I only used one apple, but next time I will use two because the apple flavor is awesome.  If you think it tastes at all like spinach then just cut back on it, or throw in other stuff to cover it up, like another banana. ENJOY!

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